“I had really bad acne. Kalliope said she would give me acupuncture to get rid of it. Because we figured out there was something going on inside my head stressing me out, she guided me to think differently about my work. She said this way the acne would stay away. My acne was gone within two weeks and I am happy to say that three months later, my skin is still healthy. I stopped wearing my baseball hat to hide it all.” C.R.

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Menopause: from Stressing Into Harmony

“Menopause was destroying my life. Now, after just one session with Kalliope, she nailed my needs. Her treatment has allowed me to sleep well and feeling rested. My mood waves diminished and I feel steady. I am so grateful for Kalliope’s care. Her skills are magical.” S.E.

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Having a Brighter Future Now

“Time goes by very quickly while listening to Kalliope speaking about health and what you can do to make a difference in maintaining it. And the funny thing is, is that I’m inspired to just do what she recommends because it makes sense. My future seems brighter after listening to Kalliope’s recommendations.” K.R.


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Heal Spur & Foot Pain Gone in One Treatment

“Kalliope Barlis is a master healer. I was suffering from a terrible heal spur and from foot pain. In just one session, I was healed. She is amazing and I highly recommend seeing her for all your aches and pains. She is a real miracle worker.” – G.D.


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Whole Body Balancing – Getting Pregnant & Weight Loss

I had a very positive experience with Kalliope’s treatments. I went to Kalliope for two different reasons. Alopecia and weight loss. Through verbal prompts, Kalliope was able to give me a sense of relief in my personal stressed life. It was strange because I can not pin point what happened because after the treatment I felt an immediate sense of relief. Another time, I was planning on getting pregnant and I needed to lose weight to accomplish this. After the treatment, a very strange thing happened. Every time I tried to eat more than I needed, I would get a strange taste in my mouth. This taste made me drink water instead. I went back to Kalliope for a third treatment. Later that month, I learned I would be having my second child.” – J.F.


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Hip Pain Gone in One Treatment

“Although I felt confident in your skills while in session with you, I truly did not expect anything close to a miracle. I would have been happy with just some improvement. I am so pleased to share with you that the hip pain is GONE!!!!.  – L.P.


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Public Speaking

“Ms. Barlis was interesting, smart, kept us engaged and provided A LOT of interesting information that we can benefit from in our daily lives. Most impressive is her vast and varied knowledge, as she shared useful information not only on acupuncture, but on issues of overall health and wellness. We do hope you come back in the future. Our students do seem eager and open to exploring this modality in greater depth.”  Kingsborough Community College Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation Professor – D.T.


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Kalliope Barlis, Doctor of Acupuncture

“Through such an expansive approach Ms. Barlis offers not only her skill as an acupuncturist and herbalist, but also as a teacher empowering clients to incorporate healthful practices in a daily basis. Through successfully conveying this message that health is an everyday event, the benefit Ms. Barlis’ treatment reaches far beyond the confines of the clinic setting.”  – M.D., AP


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“Kalliope is the real deal. I have been smoking for most of my life. I have tried to quit more times than I care to remember. When you meet Kalliope, you feel as you have known her forever. She dispels all of your fears and allows you to see beyond today. It’s that feeling of knowing how the future can look with the results you desire. I have been smoke free for over 2 months and although there are times that are still trying… I know I can overcome it and move on with my life. Kalliope, you are truly a god send! Thank you..” May 31, 2012

View this recommendation on LinkedIn by Joseph Benjamin.


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Case Study 1 – Hair Loss and Infertility

A client came to me some time ago with hair loss.  She was a young woman who appeared to be otherwise healthy, but who had for some reason lost her hair.  Her doctors were at a loss as to where to go with this, except for offering expensive treatments for which there was no guarantee that even after spending so much she would have success.

She first came to me for on NLA session which lasted for one and a half hours.

She came back to me 8 months later with her hair growing well on her head.  She was delighted with the results and now came to me with a second problem – her inability to conceive a child.

This woman had been trying to conceive for X years, and was really desperate to have a child.

Again, in only one session I worked with her to rebalance her body and get her to overcome this distressing problem.

Within a few months of the session I heard from her that she was indeed pregnant.

The whole purpose of my work is to ensure that I work with you as a whole person.  I am interested in treating you, not your symptom, to ensure that you learn how to become increasingly happy and fulfilled in your life.



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