Neuro-Linguistic Acupuncture


The Ancient Chinese methodology of Acupuncture is based on regulating and balancing the body’s natural energies, which run along meridian lines throughout the body. Its approach is to treat the whole person, rather than to treat just the symptom that person is suffering,and as such is often referred to as a “holistic” treatment.

Acupuncture famously relies on the insertion of fine needles into acupunture points along the meridian lines on the body, to enable the body to bring its energies into balance. Acupuncture is used extensively with great success in China and throughout the world, and has famously been used to induce anaesthesia in patients undergoing heart surgery.

Although not properly understood by Western academics, the treatment brings about very real changes in the clients I, and many like me, have helped.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is a powerful tool for helping to bring about change in clients.  First developed in the 1970s by Dr Richard Bandler and Professor John Grinder, the methodology incorporates elements of linguistics and other talking therapies, and is described by my teacher, Dr Bandler as “the study of subjective experience”.

NLP is world-renowned for its “fast phobia cure” and for how quickly it deals with stress and other issues.  It is a superb tool for bringing about motivation, deep relaxation and healing.

Neuro-Linguistic Acupuncture

I developed Neuro-Linguistic Acupuncture as a highly effective means to more effectively promote physical and mental health in my clients.

Most illnesses have a physical and a mental component. By combining the ancient and long-proven skills of acupuncture with the brand new technologies of mind developed in NLP, I have created a potent treatment that enables my clients to benefit from a unique mixture that ensures that the mindset of health is installed.

To find out more about how Neuro-Linguistic Acupuncture can help you, contact me now.

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